Cornish Shrimper - Daislebee

Cornish Shrimper - Daislebee

Thursday, 1 March 2018

New season beckons.....

You wouldn't think it, looking out of my study window and the swirling snow and the -12 windchill but it is the 1st March and in previous years varnish has been drying and trailers have been serviced - but it does promise to warm up next week so mid to late April on the water is still on the cards I hope.

What's been happening.... well I saw Riley from La Vagabonde at the London Boat Show in passing but couldn't make it to their session where he and Elayna were talking about their widely publicised adventures on their Outremer catamaran.

Follow their adventures on their You Tube channel - La Vagabonde or visit their website 

On the Drascombe stand we had a great time, meeting new people and renewing old friendships.
We had an owners Drascombe Coaster 'Action Penguin'  on the stand which attracted a lot of attention as well as a brand new Drascombe Lugger that is destined to start her life on the shores of Lake Garda (can't be bad)

Drascombe Coaster 'Action Penguin' and
a new Drascombe Lugger
The new 5 day format of the show recieved mixed reviews - it was certainly less taxing that 10 days and there was a marked increase in footfall, but there were some big names missing particularly in the chandlers section.It's understandable, with all the kit they bring and the time it takes to un pack, set up and then put it all away again - 5 days probably doesn't seem worthwhile.

One of the highlights was the British Marine dinner with mock roulette and black jack tables - Sharon 'won' over £7,000 and then lost it all - but had fun doing it.

The gambler....with Rob from Dek-King

Das Boot

No sooner was London over with than we were off to the Dusseldorf Boat Show or Das Boot as it is called. - I suppose this qualifies as the European Boat Show, although there are other national shows that take place, Paris for example. But what a difference from London. It is sad to say but it made London look very small and unrepresentative of the boating arena within the UK .
The one, albeit large hall at Excel was replaced by 18 halls and large ones at that, with specific halls devoted to small sailing boats, large yachts,  motor boat, tow boats, diving etc. There were lots of activities such as wake boarding and a canoe pool complete with island
I went out with Sharon from Drascombe and we walked well over 8 miles without visiting all the halls !!!!!!
The map of Boot

The dinghy hall
 It was only a short visit to see whats what but it was certainly impressive with additions that LBS could consider such as public transport included in the ticket price - which was cheaper by the way.

RYA Sailabity Conference - Wyboston

We took an adapted Drascombe Longboat 'Zingaroo' up to this event borrowed from Queen Mary Sailability and she was very well received. The changes that have been made to suit sailors with less physical abilities were much photographed and commented upon.

What did it for me was the energy and enthusiasm of not only the sailors with a variety of disabilities but the volunteers who are involved - quite humbling and very impressive.

So having been energised by all the toys on show at the Boat shows, and enthused by the participants of the Sailablity event I can't wait for the snow to go, the sun to come out and the fun to start

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Good news ....London Boat Show special guests

Riley and Elayna, the YouTube couple sailing the world in their Outremer catamaran, are coming to the London Boat Show to give a talk about their adventures.

Scheduled to appear twice on Thursday 11th Jan, they are bound to attract a large audience. I, for one, will be trying to get there and here their story first hand.

As I mentioned in the previous post they produce good quality videos about their adventures that not only cover the good bits but also the occasional reality check.

I have sent them a cheeky email inviting them to the Drascombe stand while they are at the show.. ..we'll see.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

London Boat Show - Sailing Blogs - my favourites

London Boat Show draws near and as usual I will be helping out Drascombe by Churchouse on their stand SB001 - come along and say hello - last year I met several people who read these pages and it was great to hear their thoughts.

Although it is a shorter show this year, there are two other events being run alongside which should ensure it is a busy place to be.

Video blogs - Vlogs

Love them...hate them.....there is a mixed bunch out there. I have to admit I alternate between extreme jealousy and bouts of frustrated rage that I can't be out there having the same adventures.

The best I find, strike a balance between white sand and palm trees, bums and bikinis and some real life experiences, dramas and the reality of sailing and living aboard a relatively small boat.

I have a top three  or four that I watch and find that they consistently deliver this mix :

Top without a doubt is La Vagabonde - which follows the adventures of Riley and Elayna, two young Australians who hooked up together to sail the world. 
Riley bought his first boat without any sailing experience or knowledge and taught himself by trail and error  - by the time he meet Elayna he had obviously learnt enough not to scare her to death and they continued on the adventures together - they fund their travels through a variety of means - their You Tube channel attracts Patreons and they have achieved a level of success that must be almost unique  - to the extent that they have managed to swop their faithful mono hull for a brand new 45 ft Outremer catamaran. They are currently in the Med and intend to spend the summer of 2018 in the US so some long trips ahead

Follow their adventures on their You Tube channel - La Vagabonde or visit their website 

A close second but with a slightly different take on it must be SV Delos. 

Brian, his brother Brady, Karin are the main crew joined currently by  Alex,, Lisa and Elizabeth are the current crew - between them they represent the US, Sweden, Austria and good old Blighty.
The boat, Delos, is a ketch rigged 53 foot Amel Super Maramu , built in 2000 in which they are travelling the globe.

The three permanent fixtures the skipper Brian, Karin and Brady have been joined periodically by friends and people who follow their adventures and are invited to join them. The main emphasis is sailing but they do explore the places they visit and using their network of 'followers' they get to see the local area and enjoy adventures away from the water.  They are currently in Recife, Brazil.

Their You tube channel is - SV Delos  and their website can be reach by this link

Third and perhaps not as polished as the other two is RAN Sailing

A Swedish couple, Malin and Johan, decided to give up the rat race in 2016 and set off from the cold climes of northern Europe on their adventures - they are currently in San Blas Islands, Panama.

Johan had travelled extensively before and many places are a return visit for him. For Malin it s all new territory.

Theur boat is a  custom built aluminium Beason 40 built in  1987. Easy to watch and with many practical issues to address it is interesting seeing their transition from the early days to their current location in Panama.

Their video log can be found at RAN Sailing and their website using this link 

No mention of San Blas, Panama can pass with out a look at White Spot Pirates - Untie the Lines.

These are the adventures of Nike Steiger, a young lady from Hamburg, who defines White Spots as undiscovered areas in the map of her life. She sold up and bought a fairly dilapidated boat she called KARL who is a Reinke Super 10, built in 1992 in aluminium. 

Together they have ventured as far as Cuba and it's fair to say watching the videos can leave you feeling exhausted. Nike is very practical and determined and seems to weather all sort of problems, certainly in the early days that would have made less resolute people run for the hills.

Her You Tube channel is here and her website can be found here

Do you have any favourites or recommendations??

Keep Turning Left seems to be the best of the UK bunch but I gather that Dylan Winter, the author, is in two minds whether to continue. I hope he does and I will look at his site again after Christmas but I do understand the pressures of keeping it up to date - even my little effort takes time which can be hard to find theses days.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

End of season review

It always seems a sad time of year....packing up for the winter, putting all the toys away but it does seem to be eased by looking back though the entries for the year and re living the memories that have been captured.

This year I managed 40 nights on board looking at my diary, not all of which are reflected in the blog but then again some where just little trips or nights on the boat at the club and not strictly bog material.

I have noticed as well, that my blog entries are more sporadic and sometimes quite a while after the event so a note to self...keep on top of entries.
I have bought myself a little notebook pc which will be much easier to take on board and hopefully will get me into more regular entries next season.

It is a Lenovo Mix 320 - very compact - the keyboard is a little small after a proper one but once you get used to it works well.....the screen separates from the keyboard to run as a tablet which may be handy - so very pleased with it so far and unlike my poor old Dell laptop I won't be loading it with programs and documents so hopefully it will remain quick to start....I'll let you know.

Highlights of the season are pretty easy-

The trip to the Morbihan was as they say aboard super really was...a superb experience in great surroundings with a great gang. I still look back though the pictures and feel the warmth....not only of the weather but the local people as well as the visitors. So good in fact we are seriously debating not going back...could a second visit ever be as good???

The other huge highlight of the year was the Drascombe Golden Jublilee at Weymouth - again the weather and the people made it fantastic ...couldn't have asked for more....some truly lovely pictures and many Drascombes and their owners in one place -  a scene not replicated since the last anniversary event 10 years ago.

We have decided that Weymouth was such a good venue that we will go back there...on a smaller scale...for an event every two years...with the intervening years having Drascamp in Poole as the focus.

The new dockyard cruises have proved great fun and it is nice to use the boat as a home to go somewhere and do something...much as I love does add a new dimension and is more like the big boat cruising I watch with envy on YouTube.  In fact that has given me a thought , I might do a review of my favourite YouTube logs  - perhaps a poll to see if you agree--nice project for the winter months.

Inevitably  as I pack the boat up thoughts turn to next season - what do I need to keep on board...what was never used...what will I do for next season. 

I'll give it some thought and include it in th blog so I could look back and think...why ?

Things to look forward to -

We have our end of season dinner this weekend - always a fun time, even if the next day is a little cloudy....this year it is being held at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club so at least to start with we will be on out best behaviour . The day after the boat will be snugged down for winter and the Sunday sees us doing some work to maintain the water depth under the pontoon at the club...which will no doubt prove to be a messy affair...but with a small party afterwards should be fun.

Work is still getting in the way and I hope next season sees opportunities open up for me to pack up for good and earn a little pocket money elsewhere to fund my hobbies and interests...we'll see

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Solent cruise - with another visit to the dockyards

October 10th - 12th

Monday 10th

The main fleet assembled at Ashlett - Stewart in Bolitho, Tony in Pellew, Ian in Moksha  , Jim and his daughter and son in law in Hippo and myself in Daislebee, together with Marcus with Sundance, who had come up from Newtown and had joined those that had launched over the weekend.

We departed on the tide and had a fair sail down to Yarmouth, using broad tacks to make our way down to the west, avoiding the larger waves being kick up in the main channel.

The sun was lovely as we tied up in the harbour with the dark sky behind setting the scene off very nicely

We ate in the Kings Head, not the best meal we have had, some good, some not so good but the ale went down well and we retired to bed ready for the morning.

Tuesday 11th
The plan had been to go up the Medina to Newport on the Island and visit our old favourite The Bargeman's Rest, but the forecast for Wednesday was not good so we decided to go direct to Portsmouth. With wind and tide in our favour it promised to be a swift passage and so it was. About a F4 with strong tidal assist made short work of the trip and the rain held off until we arrived so it was up with tents quick sharp.

Jim could only come out for the night so he departed for Ashlett whilst we carried on and soon arrived in Hazler again, this time opposite the Trinity Lighthouse boat that marks the Hazler entrance.

We decided to try the restaurant on the lighthouse and were very pleasantly surprised...... a very good time was had by all.

Wednesday 12th

The day dawned bright and cold...but with strong winds so our choice of direct passage to Portsmouth the day before was validated.

Stewart had pulled a muscle so elected to have a quiet day on board, whilst Ian was meeting Glenys later so Tony, Marcus and I set off on the Gosport ferry to visit the historic dockyards again. 

After coffee we headed to the Mary Rose and encountered a very smartly dressed Tom Richardson on the was kept brief as the heavens opened and we scuttled on our way.

The Mary rose is hugely impressive, not just the ship itself but the building and layout of the whole experience....well worth a visit and there are plans to add new timbers to the exhibit to complete the bow section we were told.

We re visited Boat House 4 where the restoration of small boats goes on and saw quite a lot of progress on some of the boats.

We returned to the boats quite early as visitors were expected...and sure enough before long Ali and Sharon, together with Brad arrived and the party got going.

We adjourned to Wetherspoon's after a while and were joined by Ian and Glenys before moving onto the Great Wall Chinese which is fast becoming a favourite venue.

The evening concluded back in the pub from where we made our way back to boats, cars or hotels depending on the choices available....

Thursday 12th

The wind had died down and the lunchtime tide was going to be ideal to make it back to Ashlett. Before we departed however, Marcus and I waked round to the Submarine Museum, stopping on the way to admire two small steel yachts who were rigged as square riggers.

We couldn't work out how people would climb the rigging to set the sail but the penny dropped after awhile....the yards are on a slider and can be lowered to the deck so the topsails can be unfurled then the yard raised and the lower set of sails unfurled in turn as the yards go up.

The submarine museum was a sobering place...what sort of people put themselves through that sort of experience....very brave ..or quite mad...

The outside is huge and a baby compared to todays subs

Inside is a mass of pipes
 We returned quite amazed at the bravery of the sailors who undertook missions in these sorts of craft.

Our sail back to Ashlett seemed very tame in comparison and all too soon it was over..probably the last sail of the season